Kandasana: Beyond the Contortion

Philosophy of the Asana

If there is one asana which awakens the dormant Kundalini so powerfully, it has to be the Kandasana. Aside from the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna, the Kanda is one important Nadi as it is where all the 72,000 energy points are rooted.

It is located around nine inches above the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals and is the only Nadi directly attached to the walls of the mouth of the central energy channel (Sushumna). I feel this point being suspended at the very centre of the hips (like an empty pouch) behind the walls of the pubic bone in the front and between the big flat hipbones at the back. 

The Kanda is the bed of the sleeping Kundalini and she remains dormant until the mouth of the Kanda is finally opened up. Only then shall the Kundalini awakens from her sleep and flow out potently.

For me, the Kandasana is more than an asana for it is the gateway to the deepest source of our energetic and astral systems (chakras). As someone who started low in the practice and no guide to teaching me, I never entertained this asana at all. No way. This is just way too complicated. 

Presently, I do this almost every day as my way of internal cleansing as well as to drain my psyche of the pressures and excessive Apana Vayu (subtle outward energy flow).

The Psychic Body

From the outside, it looks like twisting and turning the ankles and the knees but the origin of this movement is not coming from the structure we see outside. The starting point of all the structural manifestations goes deep around the joints of the sacroiliac region. This action is so subtle it is very easy to miss but once felt could cause some of the most potent and powerful achievements. 

What makes it more complicated is that the action requires a distinct breathing pattern (kriya), perfect timing and total mind control. The Bandhas shall guard the system against shock as the movements are highly sensitive and risky for the feet, knees and lower spine. There is little room for mistake here, or some serious injuries could happen.

The full effect of the Kandasana is felt several minutes after the practice when the hips reset and could last up to a few days. It creates a deep hole right at the very core of the hips, like a vessel so empty and vast. The opening of the hole forms a pathway which leads directly to the brain. Breathing through this great hole, together with the Bandhas, shall transform the energy into one powerful and potent current we call the Kundalini.

While at it, one could not feel fatigued or hunger for many hours and even for days. many psychic manifestations could also be felt during this stage such that energy channelling and healing are so potent at this time.

But more importantly, this is the best time to meditate on her purest, most divine and most holy nature.

Practice Note

Remember that the Kandasana is just one of the many ways to awaken the Kundalini energy. In this light, one should never feel lacking if this is not happening. I never thought of learning it. It was something that I an organic need for me as I ventured deeper into the practice. The kandasana is an effective way to release energy stagnation and channel it to rise. The energetic requirement and readiness shall flowingly lead the student to this path. So, do not rush.

But there are many of you out there who might be feeling the calling to try this out already. For this lesson, I am sharing with you some deeper components of the breath and energy locks and how they are all related to the structural movements. All these shall lead to a richer and safe experience.

Kandasana Video Tutorials

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