Developing a Home Practice: Course Curriculum

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Online Course – Fundamentals of Home Practice

Our bodies develop the fastest during the first year of the practice. We achieve most of our gains within the first three months. To be able to maximise our development, we need to have a consistent, cohesive and a well-planned practice. Many fail on this aspect, doing too many elements and achieving little at the end.

The path to developing our energetic and spiritual anatomy starts from the body. The techniques of the Hatha Yoga, a method consisting of various kriyas and meditation, if practised consistently could safely awaken the Kundalini. There is another way too. It is the method which starts from the top. The grace from above, through devotion, meditation, prayer, teaching, and service could be allowed to descend through the mind and the heart. I have tackled mine predominantly through the Hatha Yoga, although, my cultural roots and upbringing always have leaned towards service, teaching and meditation.

It is not all beautiful. It is a bumpy road. Inspired by my journey, I have written a programme consisting of lessons arranged chronologically to help you grow your self-practice progressively. I will prepare you mentally and spiritually. Step by step, I will guide you safely through the techniques for developing physical and breath awareness. There’s a few theoretical learning and monitoring as well.

This course forms part of a long-term study programme aimed at teaching yoga and energy-channelling. If the calling comes, I will be happy to lead you through them as well.

Key Areas of Learning


  1. Study of Basic Yoga Philosophy
  2. Yoga as a Long Term Practice
  3. Breath Awareness Practice
  4. The Sa Ha Meditation

Techniques, Guided Practice and Tutorials

  1. The Surya Namaskara and Mandalas
  2. Developing Strength and Mobility
  3. General Principles of the Breath
  4. Nadi Shodhana and Kapalabhati Pranayama

Support and Assessment

  1. Journalling
  2. Live Calls – Online
  3. Online Consultation – Emails
  4. Practice Materials – Music guides and PDF if relevant
  5. Basic Sequencing

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