Kechari Mudra: Opening the Causal Body

Kechari Mudra: Opening the Causal Body

The tongue holds the key to experiencing God. Energetically, the tongue has a direct connection to both the origins and endpoints of the energetic channels, from the hips to the inner brain, from the Muladhara chakra to the Sahasrara chakra.

The Khechari Mudra and the Talu Chakra

Khechari Mudra is one powerful way to open the final knots of causal body, the granthis. Although, it has to be done with readiness and guidance. With the opening of our granthis, our subconscious minds will awaken too. 

Our subconcious holds our karmas. Generally, it is wiser to leave them hidden and untouched for life. If the spiritual foundations and initiation of the Yamas and Niyamas are weak, then, opening the granthis could be dangerous. It could lead to spiritual conflicts, emotional restlessness, confusion and worse, anger and remorse. The preparatory spiritual observances shall align our hearts and minds with the corresponding principles and responsibilities attached to the practice.

I have to mention as well that Khechari Mudra is not at all necessary to attain samadhi. Just like any other methods involving the energy locks, it is just one of the many ways to flow the Kundalini energy to rise through the Sushumna Nadi. After this, we still need to practice stillness anyway. It is just a preparatory stage. The Nadi Shodhana (with Kumbhakas) and Ujjayi pranayama, if we practise them with the bandhas are as powerful, if not more powerful than the Khechari Mudra. In fact, without the bandhas, Khechari Mudra is just a show of physical manipulation which is not yoga at all.

Aside from the seven chakras of the astral system, we have more sublime ones. One of the energetic side-effects of Khechari Mudra is that it leads to the opening of these other minor chakras, particularly of the Talu chakra.  The exact location of the Talu chakra is behind the tip of the nose close to the midpoint of the eyes. Astrally, it is between the throat (Vishuddhi) and the Spiritual Eye (Ajna). It is the chakra which opens the gate to the deep meditative state of Dhyana (the 7th limb of yoga).


The Talu chakra is really difficult to loosen up. One of the reason is that, unlike the seven main chakras, the Talu chakra it is not really located in the Sushumna, but slightly outside. The bandhas are easily accessible within the spine but they are not as efficient in flowing the energy outside the Sushumna Nadi.

Personally, this stage was quite challenging for me to accomplish. Before, I could easily pierce the Kundalini higher up the throat (Vishuddhi chakra) but only to be blocked again by a knot at the base of my skull. This cuts the flow of the breath, I would gasp and will lose it. The Khechari Mudra allowed me to untangle the knot binding the Talu chakra leading to the opening of the inner brain.

When this chakra opens up, the Kundalini easily enters the brain to stimulate the pineal gland inside. From there, the tongue relaxes back inside the mouth but it feels like that it is still behind the nasal cavity. The cold and soothing line of the Kundalini energy could be felt piercing through the backs of the nasal cavity, then finally up inside the head. Sometimes, I would disrupt my meditation to actually see if the tongue is still in Khechari Mudra because it would always feel like it is still there, even if it has withdrawn back to its relaxed position.

As an energetic valve, the Talu chakra filters the energy which goes in and out of the brain. The Kundalini is transformed into a much gentle spiritual force which does not want to descend back to the hips. This is beautiful as it will aid us in the meditation process.

However, this could lead to complications for the unready heart and mind. It could cause a premature and sudden detachment of the student from the external, bodily and real-life functions. This may lead to confusion, depression, anger, remorse, isolation, intolerance, too much intellectualisation, and worse, a sense of supremacy.  All of these negative effects of premature awakening is caused by subconscious conflicts due to lack of preparation and slow yet steady development. The guidance of a spiritual teacher is necessary so that the student is led progressively and postively, step by step, little by little. 

There are signs and symptoms of readiness, both physically and energetically.  They will come knocking through time and practice. Learning the Khechari Mudra is actually easy. The more important element here is the spiritual preparation in which the guidance of the teacher will be of huge benefit.  

The Khechari Mudra shall happen in time. Just wait and be patient. When the Kundalini is ready to ascend inside the brain, she will show signs and symptoms. For now, you may start building the strength and flexibility of your tongue by doing the following tongue exercises. They are safe and also would help you in your mantra practice. They are also helpful in releasing the energetic stagnation in the neck and the head. I have also given you a few tongue and eye kriyas and mudras you may practice this early in conjunction with your asanas and pranayama programme.

Exercises for Developing the Tongue and Draining Excess Energy out of the System.



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