Khechari Mudra: Knowing When It Is Time

The Khechari mudra is a powerful technique for emerging astral and causal entities. The tongue holds the key to experiencing God. Energetically, the tongue has a direct connection to both the origins and endpoints of the energetic channels, from the hips to the inner brain, from the Muladhara chakra to the Sahasrara chakra. Once they have opened up, the Kundalini shall beautifully rise upwards with grace and openness. 

Spiritually, our tongue utters the words which are so powerful in uplifting each other up. Words are more healing than actions for the effect of our words to a person’s psyche gets ingrained in the subconscious mind. Our words have the power to create, heal and change. Our words are the audible expression of our souls. As teachers, we use our words to express the power of the soul to lead our students. We would not be remembered by what we have accomplished or not-accomplished, but by how we have made others feel. This is for me is the most beautiful lesson I have learnt on this journey.

Khechari Mudra in Samadhi
Spontaneous Tongue Mudra During Samadhi (Photo Taken Right After Samadhi)

It is wondrous to witness the untangling of our Supreme Consciousness from the bondage of ignorance, the pains and pleasures of the senses and the logic of the mind.

Khechari Mudra and the Soma: The Science of Spirituality

The Soma nectar is the residual cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) draining from the brain. The CSF circulates in the central nervous system (brain and central spinal canal) autonomically without feeling it. In a nutshell, by increasing the intracranial pressure and magnetising the CSF, we can flow it out of the central nervous system.

The Talu, the Soma and the Ajna chakras (nerve clusters which are tightly bound) in the brainstem (pons) and inner brain (pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal bodies) would have to be purified too. Pranayama and kumbhakas are the most potent ways for magnetising the CSF and irrigate the stated chakras.

In khechari mudra, the tongue is utilised to increase intracranial pressure while doing the kumbhaka (seal the breath) and loosen the stagnation blocking the stated chakras. As a result, the CSF could freely pass through them as it flows down. The excess amount makes its way out through the tiny gaps in the sinuses, the nasal cavity and finally to the throat (vishuddhi chakra). It is the reason why we could taste it. By swallowing it, we preserve the healing essence of the soma for rejuvenation, health and longevity.

Soma: The Nectar of Immortality

However, the goal is to convert the soma into a metaphysical realisation through self-control and discipline, preservation of sexual urges, and meditation. Once transcended, the soma becomes energy which manifests as nada (sound), visions, astral projections, psychic abilities, heightened intuitive power, and electrical pulsations. They guide us to attaining deep meditative and divine spiritual states e.g. samadhi

For this reason, the soma is called the nectar of immortality. But not because of the physical benefits but for its spiritual significance.

It is no easy task though, time and regular practice (abhyasa). It took me around five years to develop my bandhas, around two more years of practising khechari mudra daily to experienced the soma. It does not include the many years of asana way before I started pranayama. It’s roughly 20 years in all. It is still growing by the day.

Khechari Mudra, without the stated requirements, is just a physical manipulation which does not have any meditative and spiritual significance at all.

Persevere But Do Not Expect

Khechari Mudra is just one of the many energy-channelling techniques prescribed in the hatha yoga pradipika. Samadhi (and kundalini) happened to me first. Yes, the khechari mudra may help develop the energetic body. However, the tongue technique alone is not enough. One has to cultivate the bandhas first and apply them in purifying the lower regions of the astral body. Samadhi can happen without khechari mudra. Pranayama and meditating in silence and stillness are more than enough.

Also, many other factors outside our practice directly affect our subtle body. We must follow a strict diet suited for energy-channelling, sense-control and self-discipline and reduction of mental stress. Hatha yoga exercises develop the body and its inner systems. However, we must supplement it with a supportive lifestyle. Only when the body, mind and spirit are happy and content, the breath will flow fluidly. Incohesive techniques, restless mind and desire break our personality. Conflict is the reason why many fail.

The Kchechari Mudra shall come knocking when you are ready for it. There are signs and symptoms of readiness, both physically and energetically. The mouth, as one of the final pathways of our energy leading to the brain, shall become more sensitive to electrical pulsations. These subtle electrical vibrations are commonly felt especially during meditation and pranayama. Learning the Khechari Mudra is actually easy. The more important element here is the spiritual preparation in which the guidance of the teacher will be of huge benefit.  

Preparatory Techniques for Khechari Mudra: Dohan and Chalan Kriya

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