The Kriyavati and Guhyasana

Sat Nam.

There are deep energetic elements which go beyond the physical. A beginner’s mind won’t even understand this. Kriyavatis are manifestations of high and intense energetic absorption such that bodily movements are governed not by logic but mostly by energy flow.

Kriyavatis are commonly seen in people who have awakened their Kundalini energy through the intense practice of the Hatha Yoga method. It is very common to witness spontaneous and random bodily twitching and adjustments amongst this group, which when seen from the naked eye are a bit weird. These include involuntary movements in and around the hip region, uncontrollable engagement of the Bandhas inside in almost all their physical movements as well as involuntary twitching and electrical shocks in the joints of the body.

They have mastered the inner dynamics of their core already that breathing for them ceases to become a mechanical process but something which they can fully control of. They have gained full control of the autonomic functions of the body and can easily direct the energy to flow through the deep channels in the body for the purpose of nourishing, cleansing and unclogging. They have the ability to produce high levels of energy to sustain long hours of intense activity without the need for food or sleep. 

All of these could mean danger to most of us. But for these highly sensitive practitioners, these deep inner structural cleansing (Kriyas) are necessary for their wellness and being. 

Externally, Guhyasanas, resemble asanas (poses) but they go beyond. They defy many of the commonly accepted physical alignment principles (yes, they could mean danger for the unready body). The body surrenders to the innate flow of the primal energy, the Kundalini.

This is the stage where external anatomical alignment would not matter anymore. All the adjustments shall be coming from the inside of the body as organically guided by the breath and the Bandhas. Thus, it could be quite common to see practitioners belonging to this group to show crooked physical adjustments and positions as they practice. 

Likewise, they move restlessly and they need to perform the same elements many times over until the blockages trapping the energy pathways (Nadis) are fully dissolved. Otherwise, stopping at anytime would leave them tight, heavy and in pain, actually.

This energy, which causes the body to sway in seemingly uncoordinated and most of the time, restless motion comes from the deepest depth of our psychic body. The common perception is lost and the body achieves something the mind can only dream of, organically. As such, the asanas are merely the expression of her powerful presence. They are necessary to release energetic blockages and entanglement.

As this primal energy dominates, she shall assert her power over everything, the breath included. Too intense to understand and certainly not for everyone to attempt. They are too difficult, yes, but, actually it is the easiest of the remaining challenges hereafter. They are a part of the meditative process of separation and detachment.

Firstly, the separation of the body from the senses.

Then, the separation of the breath from the senses.

Finally, the separation of the absolute energy from the breath.

The absolute energy is separate and unique, timeless and boundless.

What happens to the mind then? It just sits, looking, to bear witness so it can retell the story over again