Ojas: The Essence of Longevity and Vitality

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Ojas is one of the most essential biological tissues of the human body. It is so delicate and almost as pure as the prana itself. Ojas means strength, vigour and endurance. Energetically, Ojas is the element of Kapha in its most refined form. Kapha is water, which makes up most of our biological system. A healthy level of Kapha in our bodies aids in the proper production of all bodily tissues and fluids. It lubricates our joints and stabilises our internal temperature. It promotes fertility, vitality and endurance. A healthy level of Ojas invigorates the function of our generative organs.

Excessive Kapha, on the other hand, causes overweight, sluggishness, bloating and cold body temperature which makes us susceptible to viruses and respiratory infections, mucus and phlegm. Too much water in our system disrupts healthy blood circulation, lack of energy to exercise, blocking the nasal cavity which could cause breathing issues.

Astrally and spiritually, stagnation of Kapha could cause weak sensorial response and perception, irritability, restlessness and lack of determination and willpower to pursue tasks and goals.

For us to benefit from the healing power of the Kapha, we need to process it into its subtle state, called Ojas. When we have a high amount of Ojas in our system, the levels of the other two essential biological tissues, Tejas (Pitta/Agni/Fire) and Prana (Vata/Air) are greatly improved as well.

The Soma which is abundantly present in the cerebral fluid is developed out of the Ojas. The excess soma goes down to the body to give it endurance, vigour and vitality. The Ojas cools the fire of the Agni thus promoting the production of the Tejas tissues. Without the Ojas, the fire of the hips could burn out everything in its path as it ascends, overheating our nervous system and weaken our immunity.

Aside from the brain, our reproductive organs are rich with Ojas, thus by promoting the health of our sexual system, we promote the Ojas as well. By dedicating the use of our sexual fluids for the divine purpose only, we preserve our Ojas. The energy of the brain and the hips are so closely related to each other.

Balancing the Doshas: The Ojas, Tejas and Prana

Ojas is closely connected to the processes happening in the nervous system as well as our psychic body such as calmness and relaxation, mental clarity as well as emotional balance. Similarly, the levels of Ojas we produce in our hips depend on how much Ojas we accumulate in the brain so we could flow the excess Ojas to facilitate a lot of our bodily systems.

They depend on each other for their proper development. We use the willpower of the mind to prevent the energy of the hips from leaking out. On the other hand, we allow the course of nature to happen as well by practising moderation and discernment.

Like the many thousands of nadis making up our energetic system, our essential tissues decreases as we age. As the nadis weaken, so is our energetic system’s ability to draw more energy out of our breath. This, in turn, put intense pressure on our nervous system making the inner vital organs to work hard to sustain the demand of the body.

The brain and the vital inner organs get most of the energy to sustain their healthy function. This leads to the drying out of our essential fluids, nutrients and tissues, including the Ojas. Yoga is one of the many disciplines which teaches us the various techniques of slowing down the depletion of our vital tissues.

The following are just the many health benefits of maintaining a high level of Ojas in our bodies. 

  1. Vitality and Energy
  2. Immunity of bodily tissues |Ojas serves as an additional layer of protection 
  3.  Strong, firm and flexible body. 
  4.  Clear, smooth and radiant skin. Abundant, lustrous and shiny hair. 
  5.  Bright and sparkling eyes. 
  6.  Mental clarity as well as increased memory, spiritual power, intelligence, health, vital energy, love, and joy that radiates outward with an inner glow.
  7. Ojas is responsible for psychological stability and provides resistance, protection and strength to endure emotional conflicts.