Online Course – Developing a Self-Practice

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Helping You Grow Your Self-Practice

Online Course – Fundamentals of Home Practice

This Course Provides You With A Realistic Plan – Something You Can Do Consistently.

Fyodor Vidal

Our bodies develop the fastest during the first year of the practice. We achieve most of our gains within the first three months. To be able to maximise our gains, we need to have a consistent, cohesive and a well-planned practice. This is where many fail, doing too many elements and achieving little at the end.

Inspired by my journey, I have written a programme consisting of lessons which are arranged chronologically to help you grow your self-practice progressively. I will prepare you mentally and spiritually. Step by step, I will guide you safely through the techniques for developing physical and breath awareness. There’s a few theoretical learning and monitoring as well.

This course forms part of a longer study programme aimed at teaching yoga and energy-channelling. If the calling comes, I will be happy to lead you through it as well.

Key Areas of Learning


  1. Study of Basic Yoga Philosophy
  2. Yoga as a Long Term Practice
  3. Breath Awareness Practice
  4. The Sa Ha Meditation

Guided Practice and Tutorials

  1. The Surya Namaskara and Mandalas
  2. Developing Strength and Mobility
  3. General Principles of the Breath
  4. Nadi Shodhana and Kapalabhati Pranayama

Assessment and Support

  1. Journalling
  2. Live Calls – Online
  3. Online Consultation
  4. Basic Sequencing

Let Me Help You Every Step of the Way

This course is limited to five participants for more individualised guidance. Although there is a set of lessons which is uniform for everyone, I still give personal feedback and assessment which are relevant in helping you grow based on your level, needs and goals. Drop me a message so I can send through the details of this course. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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