The OM and Sound Tools for Nada Meditation | Free Programme

Chanting the OM and other mantras (or saying them silently) opens up hidden knowledge, tendencies and higher potentials of the subconscious mind. These come with awakening the clutter and heaviness of our spirits too. We learn to acknowledge and subdue them and they become our way of liberating our soul. In doing so, we realise the deeper layers of our koshas (spiritual sheaths) for the fulfilment of our spiritual practice.

Every time we chant, we reorganise our energetic system. It affects inner mind and stimulates the energies of certain chakras trapped within the psychic nerve ganglia of the energy channels or the nadis. These nerve ganglia are predominantly located in the spine and since the spine is stimulated strongly during the meditation, these deep energetic points shall inevitably open as well, releasing potent pranic force.

Science acknowledges the inseparable connection between the body and the mind. The energetic practices of yoga transcend these two lower centres into the spiritual planes. Chanting activates dormant centres in the brain responsible for attaining extra-sensorial abilities (siddhi). The sound wave and vibrations we make during chanting stimulate clusters of nerves (chakras) which fires potent electricity to the more than 100 billion nerves of the human body.

The potential of the brain is immeasurable. Developing its spiritual functions started in the orient thousands of years ago. The various ancient energy-activation practices, including yoga, has developed powerful techniques for modulating the mind through the body (hatha yoga) and the body through the mind (raja yoga).

Chanting and the Vagus Nerve


The vagus nerve, a long inter-branching cranial nerve which regulates breathing, swallowing, speech, heartbeat and circulation, digestion, senses of hearing and taste, blood pressure and metabolism, sexual functions, fertility and so many other autonomic functions, is affectively stimulated through chanting. A healthy vagus nerves promotes mental clarity for sound decision making, creativity and sharp cognitive functions.

The vagus nerve (vagus means to wander) is an important channel of communication between the brain and the body and back. It is probably the only nerve which encompasses practically all of our autonomic function. Stress, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, and improper breathing impair the vagus nerve. Distress in the vagus nerve exposes the body and the mind to various diseases and mental issues. These include anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, kidney malfunction, infertility and low reproductive energy, obesity and many more.

Hatha Yoga resolves most of these physical and energetic problems. A short yoga asana and pranayama practice, if done regularly increases pranic flow. On the other hand, meditation such as chanting, praying, singing calms the nervous system. Massage, cold showers, dancing, laughing, nature, omega-3, fish oil, help too.

Chanting OM with Tingsha Bells and Singing Bowls

Different sound frequencies increase the calming and meditative alpha and theta brainwaves. Speaking first hand, they are true. Although, there is a sound called Anahata Nada that organically happen through practice. The nada happens due to increased electrical and neural impulses in the nadis. Therefore, it is common amongst yoga practitioners. The singing bows, bells and relaxing music are adjunctive tools only. The organic nada is many times more potent.

I learnt meditation without these external tools. It could be an intense and rigorous process, though.

On the other hand, I find playing the singing bowls and tingshas meditative in a different sense. It promotes a type of mindfulness that is, I would say, more accessible, real-life, and less physical. Through feeling and listening, it allows me to correct imbalances in the flow of my energy. They help me to slow down and be one with my breath and.

If you have a singing bowl or thinking of having one, this lesson may be helpful.

The OM: Chanting the Sacred Sound

Chanting increases the alpha, theta and even the delta brainwaves. These brainwaves slow down the mind into a state of deep relaxation, recovery from stressful thoughts and emotional pains, calms the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and alleviates subconscious traumas.

Find a quiet place to practise! What is a moment for a clear and more productive brain?

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