What is Kriya? | Class Application

Strictly speaking, kriyas are organic mechanisms in the internal body to make room for the subtle force to flow freely through both the physical and metaphysical planes of existence.

Commonly seen in people whose Kundalini energy is awakened, Kriyas manifest as involuntary and oftentimes spontaneous bodily adjustments of the surrounding joints of the hips and the spine, the joints of the feet, hands, elbows and shoulders, the mouth even.

In practice, Kriyas are a combination of distinctive asanas (postures), pranayama (breath regulation) and mandalas (concentric and spiralling movements) completed repetitively over a prescribed duration of time. They are done to open and irrigate the energy channels and confine and seal the subtle force from leaking out during the session.

The hips and the spine are greatly developed in the practice of Kriyas. When they open up, the nervous system is stimulated to efficiently distribute the high level of prana (subtle healing energy) through the system. The techniques are used to stimulate, energise, and collect and direct the prāṇic life force to flow through the seven channels (chakras) of the astral system located in the spine and brain. When the prana is collected into one unified form, the bandhas, which shall organically manifest inside, shall guide this divine force to unite with the Soma, which is so abundantly present in the inner brain, beyond the mind and body.

The class always ends with a moment of total stillness and silence (meditation) so that this healing force is allowed to drain and nourish the body for health and wellness, mental clarity and joy and peace of the spirit.

Due to its internal focus, kriyas are ideally practised in the early hours of the morning while the body is still empty and the mind is relaxed. Alternatively, chanting mantras is a good way to stimulate the nervous system leading to mental focus and clarity.

Here are two Kriya Lessons. One is for building over strength and flexibility. The other one is a relaxing restorative practice. Do them regularly (alternate the lessons). Be patient, practice with willingness, enthusiasm, faith, and above all love and devotion. The first four weeks are the most challenging. It won’t be long before you feel the transformational benefits of the practice, the healing, clarity, joy and peace we all seek. So be patient, persevere and never give up, the reward for your health and well-being is so worth the effort.

Here are some Kriya classes for you to practise with. I will regularly add new lessons to this topic for your progressive learning. Let me know if you have questions. I am here to help. Classes on the next page.

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