What is Samadhi? | The Energetic System

What is Samadhi? | The Energetic System

Promoting compassion, goodwill, kindness and service bring out our highest spiritual potential, Sattva (Sattwa). This positive, calm and content predisposition, is inherent to all and could be practised even without the physicality of yoga.

Our energetic system is made up of Nadis. Nadis are deep energetic pathways which carry electrical impulses to fully support our autonomic functions. We have many thousands of them and generally, they are sensitive enough to support our bodies. As our practice becomes more complex, we shall be requiring higher levels of internal energy to preserve our bodies. The various cleansing methods we practise in yoga, particularly, pranayama (breath-control), are aimed to further develop our nadis to higher potentials. Gradually, through time and practice, the Nadis shall not only promote a healthy flow of the prana but we could also utilise them as our buffer and storage for extra energy in times of need such as during intense meditation or when we are weak and sick. 

However, they are so full of both acquired and inherent blockages which prevent us from experiencing our full energetic potential. All the residues of unhealthy toxins and physical traumas from injuries we sustain, even after we heal, end up clogging these cell-deep channels. They cut-off the healthy flow of life force in our bodies. These imbalances cause the body to get sick and ill.

These stressors come from many places. We have the physical pain arising from self-abuse and self-infliction. There are also the ones caused by imbalances in the flow of Prana or life force which renders the body ill-functioning. Normally, these imbalances are caused by too much of one or more of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) which make up our whole being. There are pains arising from misfortunes as well as those which we inherited or genetic in nature such as allergies and physical limitations which we are born with.

All the heaviness and pain arising from these negativities end up clogging our Nadis. The preliminary goal of Kundalini Awakening is to cleanse these channels by following a system of opening the body, cultivating the Bandhas and cleansing or Kriyas.

Amongst the many methods of inner cleansing, the Nadi Shodana is the most beneficial of all. The method is simple yet so effective. A daily practice of Nadi Shodhana for 11 minutes shall do wonders to your health and wellness. It is a powerful meditation too. Here's a full workshop for the Nadi Shodhana. Have a meaningful practice to you all.

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Develop a Positive Thought Pattern

However, there is one more important aspect of the purification process that is oftentimes overlooked. It is the purity of our thoughts, our feelings about things around us as well as our expectations, motives and intentions for all the work we do. Any disturbance and heaviness in the way we think and process our thoughts in our mind also create imbalances and stress to form in our Nadis over time. For me, the purity of our intentions, thoughts and feelings are as important as the rest of the elements we have discussed so far.

Promoting goodwill, kindness, compassion and service brings out our highest spiritual potential, Sattva (Sattwa). This positive, calm and content predisposition, is inherent to all but can also be learned through practice, even without the physicality of yoga.

For me, having this state of mind is the safeguard while the process of awakening the Kundalini is being tackled. It reminds us not to overdo things, worst, be angry and feel bad if our efforts do not bear the fruits we expect to happen. We should never expect anything from our labour, rather we offer our efforts to a higher intention and service (Sadhana).

Helping others, voluntary service, being pleasant and compassionate, and aiming for higher spiritual wisdom are some practices we could do outside the physiological aspect of Kundalini Awakening.

Personally, these other ways and practices off the mat have helped me the most in keeping a harmonious and a balanced practice. Just by spending a few minutes each day appreciating nature, breathing fresh air in the morning, walking and looking from your feet is so helpful in promoting a light state of body, mind and spiritual awareness. 

Aside from these, teaching has helped me maintain my ego in check. All my lessons are inspired by the differences I see in my classes. They push me to find means and ways to translate my lessons into something which is more real-life, practical and beneficial to all. 

It oftentimes surprises me that my biggest breakthroughs happen in the least expected times. They happen when I am about to leave and give up. Although, we still have to give our best effort in all things we do.

Deep energetic purification is so possible by having a Satvic state of mind. Remember that the Nadis are conveyors of energy (electrical vibrations) which have their roots from the brain. Before the action is the thought, thus by having good intentions and seeing the good in all, even in the darkest times, we filter out the negative vibrations which enter our energy channels. Thus we promote this healthy flow of lightness and grace into our system and eventually into our actions. 

We do not need asanas to practise them, do we?



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