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Yoga Teacher Training Auckland 2020

Online Course On Developing a Home Practice

Essentials of Self-Practice

Online Course – For Self-Practice and Teaching

This Course Provides you a realistic Plan – something you can do regularly

Our bodies develop the fastest during the first year of the practice. We achieved most of our gains within the first three months.

Inspired by my journey, I am looking forward to share with you the same elements I did back then, and still do now.

Comprising of lessons which are arranged chronologically, I will prepare your spiritually, lead you through techniques of developing strength and breath awareness. There’s a few theoretical learning and monitoring as well.

This course forms part of a longer study programme aimed at teaching yoga and energy-channelling. If the calling comes, I will be happy to lead you through it as well.

Home Practice allows you to connect with your frequencies and vibrations, so you can adapt and respond to what your body, mind and spirit feel and can do at the moment.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Key areas of Learning

Fyodor Vidal

Teacher of Yoga and Meditation


Study Basic Yoga Philosophy
Fullfillment of Spiritual Initiation
Breath Awareness Practice
The Sa Ha Meditation

Guided Practice and Tutorials

The Surya Namaskara
Developing Strength and Mobility
General Principles of the Breath
The Kapalbhati Kriya


Written Task
Practical Test
Basic Sequencing

Let me Help You Every Step Of The Way

This course is limited to five participants only so I can give ample time in monitoring your progress. Although there is a set of lessons which is uniform for everyone, I still give personal feedback and assessment which are relevant in helping you grow based on your level, needs and goals.

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Home practice is beautiful. It allows us to be fully present so we can feel our vibrations and frequencies. It brings out our potential for growth while at the same time makes us acknowledge our weak points so that we can adapt and respond to what our body, mind and spirit feel and can do at the moment.



Learn Meditation

Meditation is beautiful, for our health and wellbeing, joy and peace. However, there are steps to be taken progressively to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the essential implications of meditation. This shall keep us safe so we can enjoy its long-term benefits. 

The lessons in this course all come from my journey. They have kept me healthy and sound all these years.
Send me a message. I might be able to help.

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