The Becoming of the Spirit


God Is Upon Us – Every Time, All the Time

So what happens after the trance?

Samadhi is a life-changing experience. All of life’s mysteries are realities hidden behind the senses. Meditation lights the path so we could see the infinite realm beyond them. It is passive, yet ever pulsating. The spirit is pure and unblemished. It is God.

Khechari Mudra in Samadhi
Spontaneous Tongue Mudra During Samadhi (Photo Taken Right After Samadhi)

We could slip in and out of the trance whenever we meditate. Samadhi could be learnt and cultivated throughout self-practice. There is nothing so superpower about it. Also, it would be wise for our well-being, to seek the guidance of a teacher. Off the mat, Samadhi means welfare, tolerance, respect and kindness.

Samadhi validates our divinity. Once or twice is this life is enough. God is us in the flesh. The body, mind and spirit are one manifesting in different planes of consciousness. In the end, we shall dissolve again in the infinite and eternal dimension. This cycle goes on for many lifetimes.

It is the effect of this profound experience over our spirits which lasts forever.

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