An Honest-to-Goodness Take on Kundalini Awakening

An Honest-to-Goodness Take on Kundalini Awakening

Shakti Energy is the Primal Energy.

The process of awakening our Kundalini energy should really be taken seriously. This holds very significant especially if the student is practising the Hatha Yoga. Once the Kundalini energy is awakened through this method, it could be too intense and could cause problems in the future. 

A practice which is at first, is solely physical will inevitably transcend to the mind taking control of the Autonomic functions of our nervous system. It is a wonderful transformation, no doubt about it.  However, we have to be very careful and discerning. Literally, advanced yoga asanas and breath regulation could open realms in our bodies which are wiser left untouched for life. 


A potent energy lies hidden in the fused joints and bones of our hips and spine. Once they open too loose, there is no stopping for this electricity to flow out powerfully, causing intense energetic absorption. If we are not spiritually prepared to embrace the big changes it could cause to our lives, this extra source of energy could have serious complications later on. 

When I say ‘primal energy’, it is not the ordinary one we are all given but something we gain through intense practice of controlling the automatic responses of the body. It could take years, even a lifetime. A lot of times, you will find yourself too exhausted and beaten out and alone. It is a different and no ordinary form. Commonly, this energy is dormant and manifests in two occasions only, at birth and dying. Generally, we do not need it to function normally.

We could live fully and happily without it. In fact, with it comes huge responsibilities and tasks which could be burdensome and difficult to sustain. It is a life of solitude. The chances of regret for having this extra sensitivity to manifest is so high in the future.

Thus, more than working on this energy to happen to us, which is actually the easiest part of the process, we need to ask ourselves. Do we really need it at this stage of our lives, given our present and more important commitments and battles? What good would it bring to our lives and everyone around us? Is this extra sensitivity really necessary to live fully, in the first place? Would it make us a better person to our families, friends and the community in general?

NO. We can be our best without this energy.

If you wish to do it, be warned. This is no ordinary task. You may not agree with me on this one, but a regular practice would not just do it. Worst, an external element, which is so prevalent now, to associate this energy with, is so mistakenly used to invoking and promoting the presence of this so potent (and could be dangerous) energy form.

Our Responsibilities as Teachers and Students

Yes, the Kundalini forms part of the universal energy but it just doesn’t manifest so easily in a stone or a colour or a visualisation or a sound just like that. Without building it ourselves and eventually manifesting it within our own very bodies, all that is said and used to describe and associate this energy with remain just a concept. We cannot hide under the guise of spiritual awakening if we ourselves are too lazy to build it. Without direct experience, there is no knowledge.

It is not for everyone. If it is for us then it will come unexpectedly. When it does, then it is meant to happen in the first place which means that we have a calling for it. I did not know it was Kundalini when it happened to me. I kept exploring. I cannot close the door back for I have unscrewed the locks so loosely now. I chose it, I have to live it.

My advice, generally, is, do not. So what do I teach my students then?

To awaken this primal energy is the best gift that has ever happened to me. It has given me answers to a lot of crisscrossing principles I have stumbled and tried to understand in my existence. It has solidified my faith in the practice (you may call it religion) I was raised in. This awakening proved its trueness but in a much realistic perspective.

This primal energy is the source of my physical health, mental clarity and spiritual fulfilment. It matches my calling and passion to teach. It matches my nature. In short, through it, my lessons become more holistic and meaningful for me and my students. All my teachings are inspired by the power of this potent energy.

I do not teach my students to awaken theirs for doing it is totally irresponsible. Kundalini Awakening should not be done before its time.

Instead, I teach them ways to feel and benefit from its radiance which is more than enough to give them energy, clarity and focus.

A simple understanding of the cycle of the energy and how to breathe life through it shall lead to increase awareness.

Aside from their own personal wellness programme, by learning to move their bodies in a seamless balance of strength and power, lightness and suppleness shall promote more health, confidence and grounding. By accepting the challenges of today and just allowing them to pass shall alleviate the worries of the mind, knowing that tomorrow is yet another different and brand new beginning. By acknowledging that the grace of this energy is everflowing and never-ending, they learn to self-nourish, feel complete, content and hopefully, truly happy.

For most of us, that is already so much to be grateful for.

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