Khechari Mudra: Knowing When It Is Time | Complete Beginner’s Guide

Khechari Mudra Tutorial

The Khechari mudra is a powerful technique for activating astral and causal entities. The tongue holds the key to experiencing God. Energetically, the tongue has a direct connection to both the origins and endpoints of the energetic channels, from the hips to the inner brain, from the Muladhara chakra to the Sahasrara chakra. When they are freed, the kundalini flows out with grace and openness. 

Khechari Mudra in Samadhi
Spontaneous Tongue Mudra During Samadhi (Photo Taken Right After Samadhi)

Our voice is a great equaliser and can uplift our communities. Words are more healing than actions for the effect of our words to a person’s psyche gets ingrained in the subconscious mind. Our words have the power to create, heal and change. As teachers, we use our words to express the power of the soul to lead our students. We would not be remembered by what we have accomplished or not-accomplished, but by how we have made others feel. This is one of the most beautiful lessons I have learnt on this journey.

It is wondrous to witness the untangling of our Supreme Consciousness from the bondage of ignorance, the pains and pleasures of the senses and the logic of the mind.

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