Developing a Home Practice: Tools to Get You Going

The bandhas manifest within the first two years of consistent and progressive practice. A programme consisting of coherent elements is also essential. The body must be handled firmly but carefully. A beginner’s sore is fine but should never cause pain and damage.

The Sodarshan Chakra Kriya: Teachings and Insights

For me, the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is a way of life, doing it with all our best but expecting nothing in return. You will be surprised by how this could transform your life and be at peace with your higher Self.

Collection of Online Classes – Updated Quarterly

The following lessons, which all come from my practice, will help you develop strength and mobility, coordination and awareness of the breath patterns as you flow and move. These skills, which at first, shall benefit you physically, will be ingrained into your nervous system.

Guided Meditation for Wellness and Wellbeing

In this collection of lessons about meditation, I am sharing with you the powerful experience of Samadhi. The techniques I share here come from direct experience, most of them I filmed right after Samadhi itself. These are powerful techniques for spiritual healing and protection.

Distance Learning: Steps to Meditation

The efficacy of these methods lies on the precept that we are all living a healthy lifestyle, keeping a harmonious interaction with people and nature, regular health checks with a medical professional, and nurturing the mind and the heart with a spiritual guide.