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200 Hours of Yoga intensives. lectures, classes, practice teaching and recitations. Open to Online Students.

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The Sitkari Pranayama | Lecture and Practice | Introduction to the Chakras and Gunas

Sattwa embodies the pristine characteristics of human consciousness. Chakras that are associated with this higher spiritual awareness lie in the chest (anahata – circulation, breathing and feeling); the throat (vishuddhi – vocals, speech and sound vibrations); the head (ajna and sahasrara – meditation, silence, clairvoyance, intuition and godliness)

Yoga and Resistance Training | Complete Eight-Week Programme

Complete Programme – Develop Muscular Strength and Definition – Improve Cardiovascular Healt – Increase Mobility and Flexibility – Promote Mental Clarity and Focus – Cultivate a Sustainable Home-Based Fitness Routine

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One-One-One In-Person and Online Lessons

Get safe, progressive results with my systematic approach to learning Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Whether you’re a beginner, a regular practitioner, or a teacher who seek guidance, I have a plan that’s suited for your specific needs and goals. Quality and safety are my utmost concern and I’ll be there teaching you every step of the way.

Cost: US$65 for 75 minutes


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