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Yoga course for self-practice and teaching

We cannot risk safety for the glory of the pose. The role of a practical teacher in promoting the health and safety of his students cannot be overestimated.


We are all given the divine gift to heal. Do not look outside. God is printed in you, on you. Literally.

Sukha Yoga



Kandasana: Beyond the Contortion

Philosophy of the Asana If there is one asana which awakens the dormant Kundalini so powerfully, it has to be the Kandasana. Aside from the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna, the Kanda is one important Nadi as it is where all the 72,000 energy points are rooted. It is located around nine inches above the

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Sukha Meditation: Mudras, Pranayama and the Granthis

When the Kundalini is awakened properly, it could be directed to enter the Sushumna nadi where the chakras of the subtle body exist. She irrigates her pathway as she makes her way up, loosening the knots of ignorance known as the granthis, which in turn illuminates the soul.

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Kechari Mudra: Opening the Causal Body

The tongue holds the key to experiencing God. Energetically, the tongue has a direct connection to both the origins and endpoints of the energetic channels, from the hips to the inner brain, from the Muladhara chakra to the Sahasrara chakra.

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What is Samadhi? | The Energetic System

Promoting compassion, goodwill, kindness and service bring out our highest spiritual potential, Sattva (Sattwa). This positive, calm and content predisposition, is inherent to all and could be practised even without the physicality of yoga.

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The following are actual Samadhi sound frequency recordings. I would always encounter these frequencies inside my brain during absorption.

The frequency of the inner brain, when properly stimulated by the Kundalini energy, gets amplified so powerfully that it could manifest externally as sound waves. Curiosity led me to record my meditation since I wanted to find out what happens externally during Samadhi.

As the Consciousness explores Its natural realm, the mind sees, hears and feel. The body? Nothing. It is just passively resting – seemingly dead and uninvolved.

Used a laptop to capture the sessions. These are raw files and could be powerful for healing and energy-channelling.

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