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My name is Fyodor. I am a teacher of Yoga and Meditation.

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Yoga for Athletes | Four Classes

Yoga, if done fittingly, can powerfully boost athletic performance. Coming from my weight training and body building experience and teaching aerobic fitness programmes, the following classes will help you develop an active type of flexibility and, at the same time, promote muscle conditioning and leaning.

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Yoga Teacher Training and Mentoring

200 Hours of Yoga intensives. lectures, classes, practice teaching and recitations. Open to Online Students.

One-One-One In-Person and Online Lessons

Get safe, progressive results with my systematic approach to learning Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Whether you’re a beginner, a regular practitioner, or a teacher who seek guidance, I have a plan that’s suited for your specific needs and goals. Quality and safety are my utmost concern and I’ll be there teaching you every step of the way.

Cost: US$65 for 75 minutes


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