Trataka: Magnify Your Concentration Skills

Our nervous system has a special relationship with the sacred fire. Meditating upon the fire within and around us can powerfully dissolve the senses into the cosmic infinity and eternity. 

Work Break Yoga – Open Lessons for People Working From Home

Sitting for long periods in improper posture and not taking short breaks can lead to numerous health issues. It is the number one cause of piriformis pain, back problems that lead to sciatic compression, energy cuts and debilitating pains. Get up! You deserve a break. These sequences are short yet complete!

The OM: How to Attain Parichaya Avastha?

You can chant the OM after your physical and energetic practices. Then, meditate in stillness and silence. The ideal asana for the OM mantra is the siddhasana for males and siddha yoni asana for females. Siddhasana directly stimulates the spinal cord, making the technique more potent and confined. Alternative to siddhasana is sukhasana (happy posture) and ardha padmasana (half lotus).