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New Lesson: The Mala

Yoga Sequence for Scoliosis | All Abilities

Overall strength, mobility and awareness is still the long-term solution. It is where yoga can be so beneficial. But one has to practice distinctive techniques only which help alleviate the discomforts. Yes, some asanas are contraindicated for scoliosis. Therefore, one needs to be careful.


Saksi: Witnessing the Nada | Lecture and Practice

Three equally important elements play a vital role in the meditation process. The meditator, the object of meditation and the act of meditating. Meditating upon the nada is one powerful technique to unify these elements into one continuous experience.


What is Samadhi?

Then, the soul (consciousness) emerges. One could feel the spirit peel off the body. The crown is just one of the exit points of the kundalini. She could leave the body through the chest or the back of the body. Sometimes, through the forehead. She could also find her way out through the opening in the hips and feet.