The Becoming of the Spirit

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The student knows and acknowledges their limitations so they could willingly and easily get detached from the euphoria of Samadhi. Beyond this is not wise. To get attached to it is dangerous. They need to go back so they could share the beautiful realisations from this spiritual journey.

Ojas: The Essence of Longevity and Vitality | New Lesson July 2020


The brain and the vital inner organs get most of the energy to sustain their healthy function. This leads to the drying out of our essential fluids, nutrients and tissues, including the Ojas. Yoga is one of the many disciplines which teaches us the various techniques of slowing down the depletion of our vital tissues.

Transcending Sexual Energy into Spiritual Realisation


Consciousness emanates from conception which is a product of sex. When the subtle fire of the Kundalini finally reaches the central nervous system, something so profound happens. An intense energetic phenomenon occurs inside the brain. Many sexual orgasms never come close. The sexual energy, which, at first, is very pleasurable implodes inside.

The Science Behind the Bindu: The Mystic Union

Theta promotes better learning. As our physical connection decreases at this state of consciousness, our minds become more attune to the electrical vibrations and energetic signals coming from the inner body and the brain. The meditative state of Yoga Nidra is an example of this level of awareness.

Essentials of the Practice: Initiation and Kriyas

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The secret to yoga lies within the breath. Before the asana, it is best that we know our natural breath first and be mindful of our inherent patterns, unconscious breathing ways, limitations and stagnations. Learn the healthy way of breathing.

Khechari Mudra: Knowing when you are ready for it.

Khechari Mudra Tutorial

These subtle electrical vibrations are commonly felt especially during meditation and pranayama. Learning the Khechari Mudra is actually easy. The more important element here is the spiritual preparation in which the guidance of the teacher will be of huge benefit.