Home practice is beautiful. It allows us to be fully present so we can feel our vibrations and frequencies. It brings out our potential for growth while at the same time makes us acknowledge our weak points too so that we can adapt and respond to what our body, mind and spirit feel and can do at the moment.


New Lesson | The Science Behind the Bindu: The Mystic Union

Theta promotes better learning. As our physical connection decreases at this state of consciousness, our minds become more attune to the electrical vibrations and energetic signals coming from the inner body and the brain. The meditative state of Yoga Nidra is an example of this level of awareness.

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Khechari Mudra: Knowing when you are ready for it.

These subtle electrical vibrations are commonly felt especially during meditation and pranayama. Learning the Khechari Mudra is actually easy. The more important element here is the spiritual preparation in which the guidance of the teacher will be of huge benefit.

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Start a Home Practice NOW!- Try this Programme.

This two-part yoga home practice programme consists of simple yet essential elements. The lessons are designed to help you build strength, mobility and flexibility, as well as train the nervous system of the breath patterns required for specific neuro-muscular actions.

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What is Kriya? | Full Class

Do this sequence regularly (at least three times per week). Be patient, practice with willingness, enthusiasm, faith, and devotion. It won’t be long before you feel the transformational benefits of the practice, the healing, the joy and peace.

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Kandasana: Beyond the Contortion

Philosophy of the Asana If there is one asana which awakens the dormant Kundalini so powerfully, it has to be the Kandasana. Aside from the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna, the Kanda is one important Nadi as it is where all the 72,000 energy points are rooted. It is located around nine inches above the

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Sukha Meditation: Mudras, Pranayama and the Granthis

When the Kundalini is awakened properly, it could be directed to enter the Sushumna nadi where the chakras of the subtle body exist. She irrigates her pathway as she makes her way up, loosening the knots of ignorance known as the granthis, which in turn illuminates the soul.

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Kechari Mudra: Opening the Causal Body

The tongue holds the key to experiencing God. Energetically, the tongue has a direct connection to both the origins and endpoints of the energetic channels, from the hips to the inner brain, from the Muladhara chakra to the Sahasrara chakra.

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What is Samadhi? | The Energetic System

Promoting compassion, goodwill, kindness and service bring out our highest spiritual potential, Sattva (Sattwa). This positive, calm and content predisposition, is inherent to all and could be practised even without the physicality of yoga.

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The Becoming of the Spirit

He knows and acknowledges his limitations so he could willingly and easily get detached from this euphoric experience. Beyond this is not wise. He needs to go back for him to share this beautiful spiritual journey.

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Kriyavati and Guhyasana

Externally, Guhyasanas, resemble asanas (poses) but they go beyond. They defy many of the commonly accepted physical alignment principles. The body surrenders to the innate flow of the primal energy, the Kundalini.

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