The Existence of the Unknown

Why are we so attracted to the unknown? Amidst the absence of proof, why do we believe it exists? The reality is that the unknown exists. We have been there because we came from it. Our cells retain that divine information. The senses cloud and bury this truth deep in our subconscious. In our dreams, the spirit randomly comes. When the cloud is washed away by yoga, the Absolute Reality emerges. And finally, the bondage of ignorance is broken and we will never be lost again.

The spirit is eternal and cannot destroyed. It is beyond the universe, for the universe emerged from it. The past, present and future, with form and without form, light and dark, silence and sound, all arise from the Absolute Reality – the spirit. Are we the past? And the past is the future?

I am so grateful to have witnessed samadhi, both during meditation and spontaneously. It is the same but different. It is humbling to see the boundless possibilities. I have surrendered to what it has to offer. Are we the past? And the past is the future? So, what does Samadhi look and feel like? Writing is not my favourite so let me just talk you through it.



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