Livestreams | Yoga Classes – New Lesson May 2023


Developing the Hips – Conceptual Practice

New Lesson: Balancing the Ida and Pingala

The Siddhasana

Siddhasana is best practised during meditation. It is great, perfect and supreme. Once mastered, the siddhasana can accomplish important functions of many asanas combined. It could open the Sushumna nadi and awaken the Ajna chakra in the brain. It is enough on its own. One who sits calmly in siddhasana, breathing through the bandhas, properly applying the khechari mudra and listens to the nada is said to have perfected the science of yoga. He attains samadhi so openly and easily.

The Siddhasana, once mastered is a complete practice by itself. It could powerfully activate the Ajna chakra, fully stopping the fluctuations of the senses, enabling us to experience true consciousness .

Guided Practice – Learning the Siddhasana

Meditation is an advanced and delicate practice. Nowadays, meditation is indiscriminately practised for the sole purpose of relaxation. Yes, it could powerfully lessen anxiety, however, when the mental fluctuations cease abruptly, the subconscious could emerge. The sudden shift could result in the permanent withdrawal of physical energy, causing a sudden change in the body’s metabolic states.

The levels of inner brain waves of alpha and theta (even delta brainwave) may shoot to a dangerous amount, resulting in a sudden drop in inner body temperature. This shall trigger the nervous system to increase heat, causing high electrical loads in the nerves and skin. The heart and the lungs could stop due to this. The effects on consciousness can be detrimental if one is not careful.

Therefore, unless fully adept, one should meditate sitting. Siddhasana prevents nervous depression from occurring during meditation, as it stops the blood pressure from falling too low, regulates the production of the male hormone testosterone, and helps maintain the inner body temperature.

Asana, Pranayama and Mudra

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How’s it going, everyone? Thought of sharing with you this collection of livestream classes. They tackle the practical side of my lectures. I am still learning the technical side of livestreaming. We can still improve video and audio. Hopefully they’re decent enough so you can follow. Let me know how it goes. Enjoy the classes.

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