Siddhasana: Awakening of Consciousness


Meditation is an advanced and delicate practice. Nowadays, meditation is indiscriminately practised for the sole purpose of relaxation. Yes, it could powerfully lessen anxiety, however, when the mental fluctuations cease abruptly, the subconscious could emerge. The sudden shift could result in the withdrawal of the external senses, causing a sudden change in the body’s metabolic rate.

Kandasana and Siddhasana: Beyond Contortion | Open Lesson


Hovering above the pelvic floor in the hips is a soft (cloud-like) element encased in a white pouch. It is the Kanda nadi. Kanda means ‘root’. The three fundamental nadis; Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are attached and spring from. From the kanda nadi, they branch out and will intersect again at the eyebrow centre in the middle brain. From experience, aside from khechari mudra, the kandasana can powerfully activate the ajna chakra.