Work Break Yoga: New Classes Added! – Complete Weekly Programme


Working from home could put a toll on our health. You are lucky if you have the proper working environment and fixtures. However, for most of us, we use our dinner tables and couches to work on. Our postures could easily suffer from these work-from-home challenges. It could strain the mind and hurt our spirits.

In this series, we will try to turn the situation around in our favour! We will do short yet effective sequences for releasing stagnation, correcting postural imbalances and restoring the brain.  

Tips: Break Free from Strain When Working From Home

  1. Take your BREAK! Separate your home from working at home.
  2. Hydrate! Eat on time! 
  3. Work beside a window. Let fresh air come in, even in cold weather.
  4. Move your eyes! Look out the window! Find greens, blues, yellows, browns, reds, purples. You can move your eyes rapidly over these colours. Then, cup your eyes with your palms. 
  5. Sit tall. Do not slouch. 
  6. Stand periodically. Stretch your neck and shoulders. Reach your arms overhead and take a long deep breath. Look up your finger tips. Exhale, relax the arms gaze forwards.
  7. Walk outside, even around the house premises. Arrange the plants. Check the mailbox. Run your car engine for a minute or two.
  8. When you are on break, switch off your computer. Turn off your phone! Take a nap if possible.

Day One: Decompressing and Clearing

Practice One

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