Natural Breath Meditation – Manual and Video Guides


Back to Basics

Awareness and appreacition of our innate gift increases our understanding of ourselves and later on, of all.

The power of natural breath is immense. Its potential to heal the body and reduce anxiety is oftentimes taken for granted.

Observation brings forth the unaltered and pristine characteristics of things. Enlightened individuals have a high sense of awareness. They know and feel almost everything that goes around them. Their senses are so keen they could sense the inner and metaphysical planes. This could overwhelm the majority of us. The awakened ones, on the other hand, although constantly observing and examining things, are not disturbed by them. They have attained the highest knowledge through meditation.

Mindfulness starts before we sit for our meditation practice. If possible, choose a place in your house where you will not be disturbed. Make it your sacred place which you will use only for meditation. Make this space conducive for stillness and silence. Remove things that could possible distract your practice. It is your time. If you only have your bedside (I do), then, find a corner where you are facing away from the distractions. You can even use your bedside to lean your back on.

You can meditate anywhere. However, you will likely to sustain it long term if you have a regular place to practice. This simple yet important step trains the brain to adapt a supportive behaviour and will help you create a meditative and spiritually inspiring atmosphere.

Breath Awareness Guided Lessons

What happens after you purchase the programme?

  1. I will directly email you the downloadable files and video links to this programme. I prefer to know you and give you a more personalised approach to your learning.  
  2. For the programme with Mala, I will personally arrange for the shipping of your mala. I can meditate upon it before shipping if you wish.
  3. Due to time zone differences, I may not get in touch as soon as you place your order. Rest assured that I will attend to it the next working day.
  4. Alternatively, you can email me first for questions before you pay. Fill out the contact form below. Direct bank transfer is also available if you are in New Zealand.

Natural Breath Meditation

Download PDF Guide and links to Video Tutorials


Natural Breath Meditation with Mala

– Download PDF Guide and links to Video Tutorials – Get Meditated Mala delivered to your home. – For Orders Ourside New Zealand: Shipping Cost to be added on Delivery


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