What is Samadhi?


The Science Behind Samadhi

What is Samadhi?

Why do we believe there is the unknown if it is not known? We spring from it. Our consciousness retains the information.

Sukha Yoga

Samadhi is best understood through science. The path to spirituality starts from the body.

The Kundalini Rising

The kundalini energy, as it untangles the knots blocking the soul takes a three-fold transformation.

Her powerful force loosens the inertia of the hips, promoting vitality, growth and healing. Inside the heart, she is gentle and quiet. Ultimately, she unites with God inside the brain.

From the hips, she pierces through the many chakras in the spine. Thin and pointed, her powerful presence irrigates the left and right hemispheres. As this happens, electricity floods the brain, producing both a sound and a vibration. The skin craws and the senses dissolve.

The breath is soft and intelligent, the mind fixed and quiet. Inside, the bandhas work collectively to maintain the health of the vital organs during meditation.

Samadhi: Awakening the Soma in the Brain

Imagine your brain experiencing a stimulating massage. It is electrifying as it is ecstatic. The body, as it lies numbly, shall be covered with electricity. From the top of the skull, one can sense a thin line of electrically charged fluid drip in the forehead, resulting in a ticklish sensation. Sometimes, the energy passes through the throat first before it goes inside the brain. These electrical sensations eventually unite at the crown. From there, the kundalini irrigates the sutures (frontal fontanelle) of the skull, drilling holes in them.

Then, the soul (consciousness) emerges. One could feel the spirit peel off the body. The crown is just one of the exit points of the kundalini. She could leave the body through the chest or the back of the body. Sometimes, through the forehead. She could also find her way out through the opening in the hips and feet.

Safety Above All Else

As the subtle entities take over, the physical breath ceases intermittently. Inside, the bandhas breathe. It is called the kevala, the state between life and death. Without a well-developed bandhas, this realm could hurt the vital inner organs of the body. The meditator knows and acknowledges his limitations. He needs to go back so he could share this beautiful spiritual journey.

Simultaneously, the mind travels and spins wildly. Also, other subtle energetic forms manifest. It could witness its host body and its spiritual form do two different things at once. Sometimes, a bell could be heard ringing softly in the upper right corner of the head. It is so serene and peaceful. Most of the time, the left hemisphere hears a higher pitch while a low and humming sound fills the right hemisphere. The inner sound (nada) last for quite some time, several more hours after the absorption.

Samadhi: The Eternal Spirit

However, the trance is just a beginning.

When the euphoria hits its peak, everything stops. Then, without any warning, the soul gets absorbed quickly back in the chest, diving into an infinite abyss. One could feel the heart explode. A void fills the mind. The mind could see. Hovering over the horizon is a thin white line. The rest is all black. It is the darkest but the eyes can see so clearly. Then, inside the brain, the mind could hear. The sound of the OM emerges, vibrating and humming.

The breath ceases. The heart stops beating. The body dies. But the spirit is vibrant and full of life. There are times that it is better to close the eyes to see, to shut the ears to hear, to die to live.

These happen almost simultaneously. It could last from a few seconds to several minutes.

God is an image, a sound, a vibration.

Sukha Yoga

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