Saksi: Witnessing the Nada | Lecture and Practice


Nada is the sound of God forthcoming. When the kundalini is awakened, it binds the Ida and Pingala so only one nadi is present, the Sushumna. From this union, the Nada emerges. It dissolves the mind so we can dwell in His infinite presence.

Fyodor Vidal | The Becoming of the Spirit

Saksi (malay- Tagalog and Indonesian) | Sakshi (Sanskrit) means ‘witness’.

Meditation is a Process

I am sensorial by nature. It is quite difficult for me to draw my attention to something my senses cannot feel, such as visualisation. It is for this reason that Hatha Yoga suits me. Hatha Yoga is quite systematic, so is meditation.

  1. Begin with a short practice of gentle asanas to loosen the body
  2. Clear the nostrils for free-flowing breath
  3. Do one mudra to channelise the energy to the brain
  4. Practice Stillness
  5. Listen to the Nada until the mind dissolves

The nada absorbs the mind into the wave of energy. This leads to the union of our opposing sides – ida and pingala, mind and prana, consciousness and unconsciousness.

Three equally important elements play a vital role in the meditation process. The meditator, the object of meditation and the act of meditating. Meditating upon the nada is one powerful technique to unify these elements into one continuous experience. The inner brain shall open up to unlock the ultimate source of all the manifest. It is called samadhi. The Nada is the vehicle to this absolute union.

Back then, I did not know it is the nada. Looking back, this subtle sound has been a childhood company. There were supernatural occurences too. I have chosen to ignore them, so they just went away. Circumstances have a way of bringing us back to our original state, I believe. Yoga did not happen by chance. A big part of it is destiny.

Nada led me to Samadhi. The mind could easily dissolve by riding the wave of the nada. Until now, I use the nada to take me there. It has never changed. The nada is not made. Unlike our senses which fade at death, the nada is the ever-present, boundless and everlasting. God as a sound, a frequency, a vibration is the nada.

Guided Nada Listening Practice

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