Mudras and Pranayama for Balancing the Nadis and Increasing the Healing Brainwaves


The Power of the Eyes

To their functions, the muscles regulating the eyes are the strongest in the human body. They can hold up pressure 100x more than their normal load. Next to the brain, the eyes are the most complex body part. The power of the eyes is what many meditators use to fix their minds. I make use of my inner eye muscles in magnetising the optic nerves and channelling the kundalini to the higher brain centres (chakras).

The ability of the eyes to sense and interpret, feel and hear, harness and emit subtle vibrations in and around us cannot be overestimated. Our bodies emit a subtle light. Energetically sensitive people can see one’s aura.

Gentle eye exercises massage the optical muscles and relax the optic nerves, leading to many physiological and mental benefits. Regular practice promotes mental alertness and clarity, better sleep, good posture, mindful breathing, and improved focus and memory. The eyes influence the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain for better endocrine functions. During meditation and pranayama, the eyes can awaken the silent centres in the brain leading to various astral and subtle elements to occur.

Mudras and Pranayamas for Rejuvenation – Lectures and Application

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