So Hum Meditation | Bindu Visarga | Nabho Mudra | Part Two

Bindu is the state of sense-control. Moderation is the key for the preservation of our vital tissues. Specifically, increasing the pranic flow in the navel is vital for the awakening of the kundalini. The manipura is the pathway for these energies to blend first inside the heart, then together they reach the brain. 

Generally, the pranic vibration in the Manipura chakra is low. Increasing the samana vayu in the core region revitalises the vital organs and awakens the sushumna nadi. Of all nadis, sushumna is the most important.  

The limbs of yoga are the steps we do so that we attain these higher skills. When the Kundalini is awakened, she pierces through our obstacles and allows us to attining divinity. The attainment of this state, known as Samadhi (energetic absorption) is knowing the Bindu already which is the Self, the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Consciousness.

The mantra “So Ham” (pronouced ‘so hum’) symbolises that sacred truth. God dwells in us, amongst us and around us. It is derived from the term ‘ham’ ‘sa’. The word hamsa also meand ‘the swan’. It symbolises transcendence (samsara), discernment, stamina, elegance and grace. The unaltered Self is the milk mixed with water. The swan’s special ability to just drink the milk and not the water represents high spiritual sensitivity.

Like a hamsa, a yogi can blend beautifully in this wortal world, yet retains their unique qualities (unattached to the world, illussion or maya).

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This meditation is powerful. Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Step One: Learn the technique.
  • Step Two: Practice the asana
  • Step Three: So Ham Pranayama

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