Yoga Sequence for Scoliosis | All Abilities

Nerve and Joint compression can be painful. It is far worse for people who have scoliosis. Having to endure the condition myself all my life, I know the struggles of having scoliosis – lower back pains, leg, shoulders, neck and even knee and feet discomforts, sleepless nights. These challenges can be debilitating and disruptive.

Overall strength, mobility and awareness is still the long-term solution. It is where yoga can be so beneficial. But one has to practice distinctive techniques only which help alleviate the discomforts. Yes, some asanas are contraindicated for scoliosis. Therefore, one needs to be careful.

Let me guide you through a simple flow for decompressing the spine. This practice, when done regularly, helps relax the hips and lower back. There are a few upper back stretches to promote mobility. All these lead to nerve decompression and relaxation.

Do this class regularly. Enjoy.

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