The Word Becomes Flesh | Detachment and Union | Lecture and Practice


Before Light is the Sound and the Sound is OM

Absolute Reality is seedless. The Kundalini (shakti) which manifest as sound, light and energy stirs and gives power to our divine Self. Therefore, the shakti has to be realised first so we can attain union. Absolute Reality is the shakti in the active form. The two, although seemingly opposite at first, are just one and the same.

In the beginning, there is only darkness. Eternal and ever-knowing, yet, darkness cannot create. The void is sitting at the Highest. However, it cannot move and change form. A source by itself, this void is seedless. So lonely is this realm, God took the form of a sound. The sound is OM. The void is stirred and became uneven, awakening its potential. First is light (sattva), then energy (raja) and the body (tama). Creation, as we know it is born of this fission.

The essence of God is contained within all created – the past, present and forever. This void is not made therefore, cannot be broken. It is the beginning and the end. It dwells in the heart. The mind, the witness. In the end, everything that comes from it goes back to It. This void shall envelop the light again and shall disappear in the heart. The heart is the kingdom and where the soul dwells. In there, there will be no more separation, only union.

The physics of union (fusion) is yet to be explored by science. Unlike separation which causes fluctuation (reflection), only eternal joy and peace come from this union in the heart – and the void will never be lonely again. Samadhi brings us there. From ths emptiness, all emerge. This divine information is ingrained within our cells.

After Chanting – Savasana

See you next week for the part two of this lesson.

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